Since 2017, federal Opportunity Zones (OZs) have captured the attention of investors and developers, and every economically distressed community can start thriving within 3-6 months with the correct strategy – please see Innovative OZ Funds.    

Bottom-line = the correct Fund approach substantially improves a community’s ability to attract investors and developers seeking to utilize the $6.1 trillion in investment capital available for OZs.  Only Acadia Capital Management can prove that our tracking and monitoring protocols are approved by the U.S. Treasury Department AND members of our team currently advise federal economic development agencies on best practices for managing Opportunity Zones.  


Creating the right investment portfolio takes research, an understanding of markets, and risk tolerance. At Acadia Capital Management, we provide the right mix of asset allocation and strategic investing to build you a divested portfolio.

New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC)

Federal NMTCs can provide economic development projects up to 20% in additional capital from Investors that will NOT take equity in your venture.  This means a $10 million project can receive an EXTRA $2 million in cash without giving up any ownership equity or having to repay.

This is a powerful tool!

Structured finance 

Getting your finances in order and creating the perfect capital stack for a development project often takes a little assistance. Our certified financial consultants work with you to assess your expenses and find a management strategy that suits you. Ultimately, we want you on solid financial ground.

Opportunity Zones 

Having a roadmap when navigating complex federal and state regulations for economic development requires expertise in three areas:  1) Venture Capital; 2) Real Estate; and 3) Corporate Taxation.  If your current team cannot demonstrate expertise in ALL three, then give us a call.  We do, and we can help.